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PERSPEX®  / Altuglas® / Oroglas®



We are all guilty of it, every vacuum cleaner is a “Hoover®” and every piece of clear plastic is “Perspex® ”. Perspex® was the trademark, branding, used by ICI for their range of acrylic (PMMA) sheets. The Perspex® brand of acrylic is now manufactured by the Lucite International Ltd group of companies.


Engineering & Design Plastics Ltd mainly stock and distribute the Perspex® brand of cast acrylic sheet but we also can supply Altuglas® and Oroglas® cast acrylic sheet which are alternative brands of acrylic sheet. In the past, we have also supplied REPSOL GLASS® cast acrylic sheet which was manufactured by Repsol YPF. In  March 2008 Altuglas International purchased the acrylic production facilities of Repsol YPF. The REPSOL GLASS® brand has now been phased out and sheet manufactured at the former Repsol YPF plant is now been branded Oroglas®. Engineering & Design Plastics Ltd can also supply other brands of acrylic sheet, to order, if you need another specific brand of acrylic, for instance Irpen Policril®, Madreperla Setacryl® or ROEHM Plexiglas® we would like the opportunity to try and help you with your requirement.

Acrylic sheet is manufactured in two forms; cell cast and extruded sheet. Cell cast acrylic sheet is available in a wide range of thicknesses and colours, including blocks, colours and a limited range of surface patterns.

Extruded acrylic is available as clear sheet and in a limited range of opal and tinted colours and impact modified grades although minimum orders can apply. Extruded acrylic sheet has a good surface finish and consistent properties, which make it suitable for many internal and external glazing applications. Extruded acrylic sheet usually has a tighter tolerance on the thickness than that of standard cast acrylic sheet which is surprisingly wide (see tables below). Extruded acrylic sheet can be solvent bonded to its self, however we would always recommend where possible using a cast acrylic when bonding. The extruded material has more internal stresses in it due to the manufacturing process. It is more susceptible to crazing due to the solvents in the glue than the cast product. It is always good practice to vent any fumes away from the product when bonding, even when using cast material.

Recommended adhesives for Extruded & Cast acrylic Bostik Ltd - EXTRU-FIX
    Technical data

Material Safety Data Sheet


  Cast acrylic Bostik Ltd - TENSOL 12
    Technical data

Material Safety Data Sheet


  Cast acrylic Bostik Ltd - TENSOL 70 (2 part)
    Technical data

Material Safety Data Sheet component A

Material Safety Data Sheet component B


Please note that the solvent adhesives are only available for collection from our Cambridge sales office or local delivery on our own vehicles. We can send this goods nationally or internationally by carriers.

We would like draw your attention to the tolerance on the thickness of cast acrylic sheet. It is a lot wider than many people expect! For example a nominal 6mm thick Perspex® sheet can actually measure as thin as 5mm or as thick as 7mm. This problem is compounded by the fact that the same sheet might be on top tolerance in one position and bottom in another.


Perspex® Cast sheet

Standard sheet size











































Acrylic sheet, block, rod and tube have properties which are suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from precision engineering components to domestic and commercial products. They are easy to machine / work with (we would recommend the cast product for complicated machined components due again to the inherent stress in the extruded product) using conventional equipment and can be thermoformed by inexpensive apparatus.

  • Half the weight of glass
  • Outstanding transparency
  • Good flexural strength
  • Outstanding in all climates.
  • Will not noticeably yellow in less than 10 years. See Perspex warranty below
  • Good resistance to many common chemicals
  • Good resistance to breakage 7 to 10 times stronger than standard glass of same thickness.
  • Cracks rather than shatter into multiple fragments.

Please click on the links below to down load literature published by Lucite

Product range Glazing Solutions Workshop Handbook
Corporate Imaging Colour Selector Lighting Solutions
Technical Data PERSPEX Cast

GS Cast = standard product

Technical Data PERSPEX Extruded

0x00 = standard product

10 Year Guarantee Clear Cast 10 Year Guarantee Colour Cast 10 Year Guarantee Clear Extruded
PERSPEX UV Absorbing Grades PERSPEX Flourescent PERSPEX Frost
PERSPEX Vario PERSPEX Pearlescent PERSPEX Sparkle


  • Signs

As a creative sign medium, cast acrylic is unsurpassed. The multiplicity of colours gives the designer wide scope and control in the creation of the most effective signs. Click here for Perspex colour chart

  • Point of sale

Quality merchandise should have effective presentation. Due to its outstanding clarity and freedom from optical distortion, acrylic can be used to create a more favourable environment with out over shadowing the product. Displays can be fabricated using conventional hand tools. Engineering & Design Plastics can manufacture acrylic display cases to customer specification, with exposed edges polished.

  • Catering

The preparation, display and serving of food call for the highest of standards of hygiene to be met. This is why acrylic with it easily cleaned surface is often chosen for the manufacture of guarding for food stuffs being processed or displayed.

  • Models

In workshops, studios, labs and schools, acrylic in sheet and block form has become the natural choice of model makers everywhere. It is easily worked using conventional tools and machines and can be bonded to itself and other materials. The strength and durability of acrylic make it an ideal material for static and working models alike and its outstanding clarity ensures that the innermost parts of the most complex of these are easily seen.

  • Building
  Because of its light weight, high strength, superb clarity, surface finish and the ease with which complex shapes can be formed, acrylic is widely used in the building industry for secondary flat glazing and roof lights, balcony guards, screens, light fittings and countless similar applications.

Engineering & Design Plastics Ltd stock two very basic and cost effective double glazing systems, EASYFIX and EASYGLAZE which are glazed with 2mm thick panels. The majority of our customers use clear extruded acrylic sheet. Go to




  • Museums & Galleries

Countless valuable exhibits and priceless works of art are protected on display throughout the world by acrylic showcases. Excellent viewing is assured because of the exceptional clarity of acrylic and its high transmission of 92%. Frames are rarely required as acrylic may be readily cemented together to form very strong but lightweight units to guard against theft and damage.



Cast acrylic sheet

1mm to 250mm in clear

3mm & 5mm in solid colour (thicker available but very limited range)

3mm & 5mm in transparent tints (thicker available but very limited range)

3mm and 5mm in opal whites (thicker available but very limited range)


Cast acrylic rod clear

Diameter 5mm to 200mm


Cast acrylic tube clear

45mm O/D x 3mm wall to 500mm O/D x 6mm wall



Extruded acrylic sheet

2mm to 6mm in clear

2mm & 3mm Anti-glare (for picture framing)

Diamond pattern acrylic diffuser 3mm

Silver mirror acrylic sheet 3mm


Extruded acrylic rod clear

Diameter 2mm to 50mm


Extruded acrylic tube clear

5mm O/D x 1mm wall to 250mm O/D x 5mm wall

A list of the most common Sizes etc that are readily available as standard items can be down loaded here

The information given here is believed to be correct, but completeness and accuracy are not guaranteed. The user shall be fully responsible for determining the suitability of products for the intended use.