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PVC - Curtain Strip / Curtain doors

PVC Curtains are a very cost effective method of cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air in an area where you need to control the environment. Our self-extinguishing flexible PVC which will not support combustion.

When hung, the strips are tough and flexible. The PVC strips are extruded with round edges, making it pedestrian friendly. They have a very high level of  clarity and once hung, the strips require minimal maintenance Just an occasional clean with a detergent solution removes any grime and returns them to their original glass-like clarity.

Cost effective solution to heat loss

Cuts fuel bills

Improves Workplace Safety

Improves Working Environment

Retains Heat

Retains Chilled Air

Reduces Dust and Fumes

Helps exclude birds and vermin

Reduces Noise Levels

Temporary or permanent partitioning


Standard, smooth, perforated, double ribbed available
Super cold grade suitable for application down to –45OC
User-friendly rounded edges as standard

Built in UV Inhibitors help to prevent discolouration and extend the lifespan

Very High level of clarity
Multi-fit Polycarbonate hanging plates allowing quicker and easier assembly. (No need to drill or rivet). Stainless Steel available

Welding grade PVC is avialble giving protection from harmful welding flash and dangerous UV transmissions whilst retaining visibility into and out of the area.