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Quadrant EPP brand their Nylon products ERTALON®

ERTALON® 6XAU+ - Colour Black

ERTALON® 6XAU+ is a heat stabilised cast nylon 6 with a very dense and highly crystalline structure. Compared with conventional extruded or cast Nylons, ERTALON® 6XAU+ offers superior heat aging performance in air (much better resistance to thermal-oxidative degradation), allowing 15-30OC higher continuously allowable service temperatures. ERTALON® 6XAU+ is particularly recommended for bearings and other mechanical parts subject to wear which operate  in air for long periods of time at temperatures over 60OC.

ERTALON 6 XAU+ Material data sheet ERTALON 6 XAU+ Safety data sheet


  • Rod Ř 50mm to 500mm

  • Tube 50mm O/D x 20mm I/D to 600mm O/D x 570mm I/D

  • Plate 10mm to 100mm

A list of the most common Sizes etc that are readily available as standard items can be down loaded here

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